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Your car is about to be towed. It doesn't seem strange, but for some reason it feels strange...

Peggy is cool, isn't he? I'm getting ready for my trip to Italy. Is Tahsin richer than Linda? I like to eat chocolate flavored ice cream. Children are happy, and animals, and women, but we humans are not. I have an appointment at 3. It's only the poor who are generous. Emma can't believe Chip is really planning to go. You cannot be too careful driving a car. Mario got married to an older woman.

His life after retirement was unhappy. My father opposed my decision to enlist in the special forces. I wouldn't do that without you. It's very upsetting. I have a green house. Your brother's soccer team won the game and is celebrating right now. And that's what happened. Give it your all, and you won't be sorry later.

Cars are factory products, while foods are farm products. You have to overcome the difficulties.

Would you mind if I took the pink one? She opened the door. He is supposed to have been a great statesman. If he does that again, let the punishment be harsher, and in addition, let penance be imposed on him, but if he does that thrice, let him be executed. Ramanan hasn't talked to Kristen yet?

You must not go out after dinner. Our eyes met. My brother has become a priest. I just want Santa to know that we'll miss him. The boy was shirtless. That's the news. I can take care of myself, you know.

I'm happy to sit out here and chat with you. I think Boston is nicer than Chicago. Even today, I still think of my ex-husband. I'd like to hear your opinion.

My dream is to live peacefully in a village. You have foul breath. It'll only get better. The fronts of the houses were hung with flags. I eat with my hands. Yesterday was Friday; the day after tomorrow is Monday. Why is everyone staring at us?

I heard that Major and Bob got married. What are you knitting? The event takes place rain or shine. Izchak came to pick Steen up.

You were very loud last night and woke me up. Let's just do it.

Was that too much? I have a reservation for two nights. Carole never pitched again. You mean to say that you know the answer? When Robert drinks, everybody drinks. The kitten lapped up the milk I poured into the saucer. I don't have much desire for wealth. Let me take a look at your tires. Bonnie had always wanted to climb Mt. Fuji, but until now, had not found the time to do so.